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Here at CLS we have genomic data for three cohorts: the 1958 Childhood Development Study (NCDS), the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) and the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS). This site provides documentation on the genetic QC for these datasets and what is available to researchers.

The genetic data is managed by CLS at UCL (

Data Access

To access genetic data combined with survey data, please see (i.e., complete the application form which is then reviewed approximately monthly in data access committee meetings).

Genetic data

Please note that there are multiple versions of the genomic data available to researchers. There are two main types of genomic data available to researchers at present: genotype array data and genotype array data imputed to sequence level density. Imputation has been performed several times as new sequenced reference panels become available. We are currently working on imputing all of the CLS genetic data to TOPMed, the most up to date reference panel (


  • Forthcoming: QC’d data in each cohort and polygenic scores (see link below)